Why should we choose Cutting Edge Catering for our event?
We offer delicious food, beautiful presentation and displays, outstanding customer service, uncompromising quality and affordable pricing. We will work with you and your budget.

How much does a catered event cost?
Pricing varies upon what type of menu and service you desire and we customize each and every one of our events to fit needs, budget and vision. We price all our menus and hors D’oeuvres by the person and not the piece. We feel this produces a better value and pricing for our customers. Please click on the Quote Form to obtain pricing.

Do you provide service (servers) for your events?
The short answer is YES. Unless you select “drop off style” service, all service/servers are included in our events and are not charged separately from the per person catering cost.

How long does service last?
For buffet style, service is usually 75 minutes long.

What is the 20% Service Charge and what does it cover?
Cutting Edge Catering, in accordance with industry standards, charges a service fee of 20%. This service charge covers staffing costs, administrative fees and costs, tasting costs, business licensing, all permits, liability insurance, workers comp insurance, buffet and china inventory and more. The service charge is NOT a gratuity to service staff.

Is gratuity to servers included? What is normal or expected?
Gratuity is not automatically included and we do not require our clients to pay a set amount of gratuity. Just like at a restaurant, your tip should reflect your satisfaction with the service you receive. Industry standard is $35-50 per server, $50-100 for your Service Manager and $35-$50 for your back of house staff and chef. Of course, you may choose to increase or decrease gratuity based on your satisfaction. The 20% Service Charge does not go towards gratuity. If you have any questions or would like recommendations, please let us know.

What types of service do you offer?
We offer buffet, family, plated (full service) and “All You Care to Enjoy Buffet” styles of service.

Do you provide beer, wine and liquor services?
Entirely contingent on the venue and rules, we can offer you set-ups, bars, servers and bartenders at standard rates.

Grandma gave me a silver family serving platter and I want to use it…how?
Not a problem, we use special care when we use your special serving pieces. We want your event to be memorable and special for you (and Grandma).

Do you charge a delivery or setup fee?
Depending on the proximity to our kitchens and the type of service ordered, we may charge a nominal delivery and/or setup fee.

Do you have equipment fees?
Not usually. Typically, all equipment fees are included in our pricing.

I have a secret family recipe and really, really want it at our reception… can you make it?
We do our very best to prepare your recipes to your satisfaction We call it customized catering… you’ll call it delicious. Don’t worry, your secret recipe is safe with us.

Our party is for only 30 guests and it’s in our home… can you do it?
YES! We love to do in-home parties. Your home will have the aromas of good old-fashioned home cooking and hot fresh food from the oven.

We’re having an all day event (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Can Cutting Edge Catering do that?
Absolutely! We specialize in customizable “All Day Catering” services and off-site catering for corporate events, movie shoots and team building exercises.

Do you offer “craft” or movie production catering?
Yes, we sure do.

What forms of payment do you accept?
For deposits and payments we accept cash and checks. All catering quotes are based on cash or check, but we also accept credit and debit cards. A nominal fee of 3% applies if a credit or debit card is used for a deposit or payments.

Is there a minimum for catering?
Yes, the minimum food and beverage order Cutting Edge Catering requires is $1500. From November 15th to December 31st, the minimum food and beverage order increases to $2500.

Our menu sounds perfect, but several of our guests are vegetarians or need gluten free options… what do I do?
With just a little advance notice, we will accommodate almost any special dietary request.

Do you offer kosher or Halal meals?

We want a certain ethnic type of food like Persian or Indian…. can you do that?
Absolutely! We work with numerous chefs and can accommodate almost any ethnic type of cuisine imaginable. From French, Indian, Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Persian, Greek, Italian, Russian and more, we’ve done them all and can accommodate your event.

We want to spend more on our DJ/Honeymoon/Mortgage… what can we do to keep our catering costs lower?
We can offer “premium single use products” that look super fancy, almost real. Our customers and guests love them. This saves over the use of fine china, silverware, stemware, etc.

Non-Profits, Churches, School Events and Dinners for 500-1000 Guests?
Yes! We offer special pricing for churches and non-profit organizations and specialize in customizing events. From 25-1000 guests, no event is too small or too large. We can do it…

We are a non-profit. Do you work with volunteers? Can we provide our own drinks, etc….
We are experts with working with volunteers, churches, schools and non-profits and it seems like most churches and non-profit organizations like saving money by providing their own drinks and helping with presetting an event…..and that’s fine by us and will help with the bottom line.

Do you offer a military discount?
Yes, we certainly do. Active duty military receive a 15% discount and former military receive a 10% discount. In order to receive this discount, the person responsible and paying the bill must provide proof of military service.

Kids. We love our kids, but they don’t want grown-up food… Do you offer Kids Meals?
Of course! Anything we can do to help all your guests enjoy their meal is what we do. Fish sticks, PB&J, Chicken Nuggets, Mac & Cheese, fresh fruit, tater tots and more. These are just some of the options we offer for kids. Kids Meals are also charged at a special rate and kids pricing applies to age 3-12. Under age 3 eats free and over age 12 is charged at an adult rate.

What about the left-overs?
In keeping with industry standards, (because of lawsuits) all remaining products remain the property of Cutting Edge Catering. We are happy to prepare a “to-go” container for the Bride and Groom or parents of the bride and groom.

How far do you travel?
It all depends on the number of guests, menu and available on-site equipment. Ask us, we’re happy to try our best to accommodate your request.

Do you offer chairs, tables, tents, outdoor heaters?
We cook and make your event the best it can be. We love to do that, it’s our specialty. We do however have agreements in place with many other vendors in order to leverage maximum discounts. Please let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to help.

What about linens, specialty linen and chair covers?
We utilize several exceptional providers offering an extraordinary variety of colors, fabrics and designs. We can order these items for you and make your event spectacular.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes! Cutting Edge Catering carries a multi-million dollar liability insurance policy and will name you and the event venue as “Additional Insured” for the day/s of your event. Additionally, all of our staff are qualified food handlers and the Chef and Managers are all ServeSafe certified.

Most of our guests are Vegetarian/Vegan….
Cutting Edge Catering cares! We have a wide selection of Vegetarian/Vegan options to choose from and our chef will ensure it’s prepared with the utmost attention to detail and care.

It’s best if I’m not in the same vicinity as “Nuts, Seafood, and Spices, because of allergies”…
At Cutting Edge Catering, we keep a very clean kitchen and prepare dishes in certain orders to help prevent cross-contamination. We understand and appreciate allergy concerns, yet all our dishes are prepared in a kitchen that uses these items.

We just want appetizers or desserts….can you do that?
Sure can. We offer everything from small plates and desserts to lobster and filet mignon.

Can I try/sample your food, do you offer a tasting?
YES, we offer several options when it comes to tasting our delicious food. We offer corporate tastings consisting of multiple clients/couples every few months. These tastings typically occur in the Ontario and Pasadena areas. If you have already booked our catering services and put down your 50% deposit, then we can book you free of charge on one of our next tastings for up to six guests total. Additional guests are permitted at a cost of $25 per person. If you are not yet booked with us, then we welcome you to join us at a cost of $100 per couple and an additional $25 per person in attendance. This cost would need to be paid by Zelle, check or cash at least one week in advance of the tasting event to secure your spot and will be applied in full towards your deposit/down payment should you choose to move forward with booking our company after the tasting. In the event that you choose to move a different direction and not use our catering, then the cost charged up front would be considered payment in full and cover the cost of your tasting experience. Clients booking our Diamond package are welcome to a private tasting for their immediate family in lieu of participating in the corporate tastings we offer. Any prospective client may also request a Private Tasting and will be charged $750 in advance to cover the costs associated with the tasting. This $750 will be applied towards the deposit/down payment if you choose to move forward with our catering or retained should you choose to opt and go a different direction. We ask that if there are any “must try” items, that you inform us of these at least two weeks in advance of the tasting and limit your request to two items so everyone has a chance to try their “must try” selections as well. Clients asking to attend more than one tasting will be billed $100 per couple and $25 for each additional member attending a subsequent tasting to help cover costs.