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How does it work?
We keep our tastings fun… and delicious!

We offer several options when it comes to tasting our delicious food. We offer corporate tastings consisting of multiple clients/couples every few months. These tastings typically occur in the Ontario and Pasadena areas.

  • If you have already booked our catering services and put down your 50% deposit, then we can book you free of charge on one of our next tastings for up to four guests total. Additional guests are permitted at a cost of $25 per person.
  • If you are not yet booked with us, then we welcome you to join us at a cost of $150 per couple and an additional $25 per person in attendance.
  • This cost would need to be paid by Zelle, check or cash at least one week in advance of the tasting event to secure your spot and will be applied in full towards your deposit/down payment should you choose to move forward with booking our company after the tasting.

In the event that you choose to move in a different direction and not use our catering, then the cost charged upfront would be considered payment in full and cover the cost of your tasting experience.

Clients booking our Diamond package are welcome to a private tasting for their immediate family in lieu of participating in the corporate tastings we offer.

Prospective Client Private Tastings
Any prospective client may also request a Private Tasting and will be charged $750 in advance to cover the costs associated with the tasting. This $750 will be applied towards the deposit/down payment if you choose to move forward with our catering or retained should you choose to opt and go a different direction.

  • We ask that if there are any “must try” items, that you inform us of these at least two weeks in advance of the tasting and limit your request to two items so everyone has a chance to try their “must try” selections as well.
  • Clients asking to attend more than one tasting will be billed $150 per couple and $25 for each additional member attending a subsequent tasting to help cover costs.

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